WritePath stands as a full-service language and localization platform with a service range extending from translation to high-level editing to copy writing to DTP (desktop publishing) in more than 30 languages. WritePath achieves total quality, speed and consistency by empowering human translators with industry expertise, by virtue of the unique T-Booster™ CAT solution as well as automated and streamlined communication processes and ad-hoc customer service.

This article will go on to examine Writepath’s unique features and human interface, designed to help you conquer the language barrier and convey your meanings.

Writepath is a groundbreaking pioneer that specializes in the latest cloud-based translation and editing service, customizable to suit your needs. Writepath’s optimized translation services – an integral platform consisting of industry-specific field experts, computer-aided technology such as glossary management and API, and friendly customer service personnel who are always there to assist – make communicating in a foreign language both efficient and effective.

Out of all the available translation agencies in the market, how is Writepath unique and why should clients come to WritePath instead of other alternatives?


First of all, while as some traditional translation agencies have varying, unclear pricing policies that may have unexplained, hidden fees, the cloud-based Writepath guarantees transparent pricing. In fact, all types of services and their associated fees are listed out right on our website, accessible for all to see. We guarantee fixed prices for all languages so, for instance, when a business is contemplating on entering a brand new foreign market, the business would not be charged extra fees for more obscure language needs.


Secondly, Writepath guarantees efficient translations of delivering 6,000 words within 48 hours. This is a huge plus over traditional translation agencies that tend to work on a case-by-case basis and may assess the turnaround time of individual cases based on their given capacity. Besides, Writepath’s cloud-based platform has a user-friendly interface that allows you to access and inquire information efficiently and to save up on processing time. Since time is of crucial importance in the business world, Writepath’s automated interface allows you to save up precious time – and thus, costs – on inquiries and requesting quotations then finally signing order forms, as is mandatory in a traditional translation agency, and all before any actual translation work could be processed.


Moreover, what sets Writepath apart from traditional translation agencies is the quality we offer. We have set in place stringent, multiple layers of quality control to ensure that all works processed by any one of our translators or editors are of top-notch quality. Clients are free to choose between standard translations or premium translations, which come with editing services from editors who are not only knowledgeable about the source and the target languages, but also have years of experience of editing professional works. In addition, our automatic integration of tools such as terminology management and TM help to increase consistency during translation, so that a client can be certain that a key phrase translated into a specific term will remain constant and unchanged during all paperwork. This is a huge advantage over traditional translation agencies, which have varying degrees of expertise. Some may be more experienced and skilled, but with most of these agencies depending on the skill-sets of individuals and requiring much manual work rather than technology, quality tends to fluctuate, and the deliverance of an initial quality work could not vouch for the quality of the subsequent translation works.

Glossaries / terminology management

While some traditional translation agencies may employ external tools such as SDL Trados to assist in their glossary management, others simply rely on human memory in managing key phrases or recurring terminology. This creates a potential problem of inconsistency, which is harmful to a company’s reliable image. For instance, when promoting a new product to the market, you would most likely expect that the product’s name, features, and special terms associated with the product to be translated consistently across all languages, each and every time. This is easily achievable with our Translation Glossaries. Translation glossary constitutes as both a tool and a glossary management that a client can utilize in creating consistent translations in the client’s target languages. A client can either build a translation glossary, or ask us to do it, and we would be more than happy to oblige. After the translation glossary has been established, our system will automatically match the glossary to the content of the client’s subsequent uploaded file. If the system finds an identical word, it will automatically put the translation after the world in your source document, and this word will not be deducted from your account’s remaining word count, thus saving your money while ensuring consistency.

System integration (API)

Last but not least, our Translation API (application programming interface) allows you to integrate our services with your internal management systems; thereby allowing you much more freedom and convenience. For instance, you can get word count, post a job with a document, fetch job status, post a comment, or even receive callbacks, with your own application. This is an innovative, high-tech feature that we have worked hard to achieve and is still absent from most traditional translation agencies.