WritePath Affiliate Program

One of the most attractive bonus and affiliate programs in the market!

How to use the WritePath affiliate/bonus program?

Participating in the WritePath bonus program is really easy, even if you have zero knowledge about website banners and text links. All you need to do is 'copy and paste'.

We have already prepared a ready-to-use selection of web and mobile banners and text links. You will find them in your user account once you sign up. Of course, you can also design your own graphics and text copy.

How are my sales tracked?

When a user clicks on your banner or text link, a cookie will be stored on their computer that contains your affiliate ID. Upon registration of the user, the affiliate ID will be stored with the new user account.

Every purchase that the user makes from then on is attributed to you and you will receive your respective remuneration. This is both true for direct online purchases of your referred client and even if our in-house sales staff will make an offline sale to this client.

The cookie validity is 60 days. That means, even if the user doesn’t register right away, but comes back to the WritePath website after e.g. 38 days, the new client account – and all future sales – is attributed to you.

Bottom line:
Promote as much as you can, recruit a new client once and you will earn a lifetime from this client and benefit from every single sale! Isn’t that great?

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How much and when do I get paid?

You get paid in word credits that you can use for translation and copy writing jobs. The words are added to your account and available to use right after the client has made a purchase.

First purchase of a newly referred client: 10% words
Every renewed purchase of that client: 5% words

Contact us if you want to discuss co-operation details more deeply. We welcome any new idea and suggestion.

For a referred client that buys 10,000 words every month, you will receive 1,000 words in the first month and 500 words every following month. Sign up now

Use case examples

If you have a large user base or big website or mobile traffic, it is easy to integrate a nice text teaser into your newsletter, the sidebar of a blog or to create a dedicated page about translation on your website.

As a frequent online and mobile user it is very easy to share your affiliate link in social media accounts, forums and BBS. The link is very short and looks like this:


It works well for mobile apps too, as our website and landing pages are mobile optimized for best conversion results.


With a little effort from your side, you can cover all your future translation and copy writing needs for free, just by promoting our service!

Where to promote?

Possible locations to insert a banner or a text link are:

  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Weibo and other social media accounts
  • Your blog, personal website or company website
  • Emails and newsletters
  • Internet forums and BBS
  • Mobile apps